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Our knowledge

We offer a unique value proposition that combines extensive experience in operational management and innovation in the sector, along with Sr consultative skills for technology design and business development.
Management of transformation projects and critical mission

We are specialists in designing, planning, dimensioning and leading transformation projects. From the assembly of teams and management of people transformation, to the transformation of technology and systems that support the business and its new rules.

We have extensive experience in the management of mission critical projects, with high impact and exposure, challenging implementation times and dynamic reach.

Improvement and design of new business processes

We apply all our experience to the improvement and design of new business processes. We do it from a "zero base" and the identification of the real value contributed by each value chain link "end to end", we do it in agile workshops that establish the bases for the design of new processes, structures, KPIs, rules of business and support systems.

Discovery and documentation of business processes

We discover and document business processes according to new standards as input for support systems development, and we have extensive experience in implementing OSS and BSS systems (operations / business support systems)

Strategic consultancy
& assessment

We have been advising companies and organizations for years in the choice of the best technology oriented to business development and return on investment. We start with a strategic plan for our clients, identifying business dynamics B2B (company to company) or B2B2C (company to company and final client) to establish and size the best platforms that support them.

Consultative Sales

We accelerate introduction to the market, positioning and  sale of support solutions for digital transformation. We have years of experience in sales and pre-sales of IT and Telecommunications solutions in the B2B market.

Strategic Marketing
& Go to Market

We carry out sectoral market analysis, identifying opportunities and providing tools and training for sales and product development teams, in order to streamline the go to market and positioning of the value proposal.

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